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Sharm el Sheikh 3rd International Fine Festival
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    افتراضي Sharm el Sheikh 3rd International Fine Festival

    Sharm el Sheikh 3rd International Fine Festival

    We Love Egypt

    The Sharm el Sheikh 3nd International Fine Festival will start and take place at the 27th. of April,2015 till the 3rd of May 2015 at Genena City – Neamaa Bay – Sharm El Shiehk - South Sinai

    A big number of artists for all over the world are invited and confirmed their attendance of this unique festival with a full support for the destination selected for this event, Egypt’s Rivera,Sharm El Sheikh. And till this point, Genena City – Neamaa Bay – Sharm El Shiehk

    Sharm El Sheikh is the main and sol sponsor of this event. Outdoor area was selected for the festival’s workshop to be held during 7 consecutive days 6 nights at the resort

    Our Sharm El Shiehk Genena City – Neamaa Bay is ideal for the leisure travelers, families or couples seeking a resort getaway. Genena City – Sharm El Shiehk – Neamaa Bay offers the opportunity to experience, new side of the Crystal Red Sea water

    This huge closing ceremony at the End of the Festival will be covered and broadcasted through many national and International TV Channels as well as coverage in Newspapers. And on the top of all,

    The Minister of the Culture & South Sinai Governor will be opening the Final Exhibition Closing Ceremony an

    The Festival organizers had the honor to confirm the attendance of many artists from Different Country such as, Saudi Arabia , Egypt , Sudan , Jordan , Palestine , Morocco , Syria , Tunis, Algeria, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain , France , Sweden , Russia , Ukraine , Egypt. As well as the attendance of specific 5 artists from different Egyptian Art University and Institute.

    During this workshop, we request to Draw and Paint 2 or 3 Painting for the Festival and you are free to draw more if you like. In addition, you can bring some prepared and not ready paintings with you but you have to work at the workshop too. All paintings during the festival will automatically be a property for the Hotel and Festival President. The festival will supply Canvas and Simple Color and oil to work on

    There will be organized Sea Trip All Day and have luch at the sea, city trip during the Festival Days for Shopping and discovering Sharm El Sheikh city and the Red sea. Daily Night entertaining Program of Music, Dance and Singing will be prepared by The Genena City – Neamaa Bay – Sharm El Shiehk
    Seminars and different art discussions through Egyptian and Foreign Professors of Art will also be available within the festivals duration

    Subscription Cost of the Festival is 450 $ us dollar for Artist at Double room 6 night 7 days , 3 meals including , Airport Transfer and sea trip
    Single room add 150 $ us to be total 600 $ us dollar

    Once you approve your sharing in our great Fine Art Festival, you have to Pay 150 $ by bank Swift or Western Union to send you Official Invitation with your name to help you get the Entry Visa to Egypt if you are a foreigner.

    Hope you will enjoy this artistic experience with us in the Egyptian Riviera, Sharm El Sheikh!

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